Who are we? Credafin, your credit broker


Credafin is a credit brokerage company. We specialize, among other things, in personal loans, credit pools,work loans and used car loans.

Taking out a loan has now become a relatively common practice. It aims to improve the daily lives of borrowers or enable them to invest in different projects. Nevertheless, to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts, lender and borrowing must be able to build mutual trust.

To achieve this, the best option is to go through a certified organization such as Credafin. This type of establishment allows you to enjoy professional service coupled with personalized support. By opting for a credit broker, be sure that your files will be handled confidentially and discreetly.

Whatever consumer credit you want to take out, you’ll get expert advice before you commit to anything. Credafin brokers are approved by various Belgian official bodies such as the FSMA or Febelfin. The FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority), for example, ensures the honest and fair treatment of the financial consumer and the integrity of the markets.


Meeting the requirements of our customers


Each customer has specific needs. To meet these requirements, brokers strive to provide effective and ever more personalized solutions. Their goal? Offer loans with the lowest rates, of course.

Credit brokers will help you complete your file based on the loan you want to take out. They know all the workings of this system and can therefore help you become solvent with banks and financial institutions.


Using Credafin ‘s credit simulator


Don’t have a clue how much you can claim? Use our online credit simulator! Easy and intuitive, our tool will allow you to know the amount of monthly payments you will have to pay, the rates in effect or the duration of your repayments.

To get more information about your simulations, simply fill out the contact form by providing all the information necessary to optimize this simulation. You can also contact us by phone on 02/306.73.67 or by email via info@credafin.be.

You can also ask us all the questions that are tapping you. We will be happy to provide the requested clarification.


Simulate your credit online


Our contact information

SPRL Credafin


Avenue de Tervueren 66/4, 1040 Brussels
Tel: 02/306.73.67
E-mail: info@credafin.be
Business number: BE 0665.876.096
FSMA Registration Number (CBFA): 0665.876.096 / 115899 A


Icons-V-Orange Your Credafin Benefits

Qualified experts

At Credafin, credit experts are highly qualified. You will therefore benefit from sound advice.

Fast service

Let us know what you want, we’ll give you a quick response, within 24 hours!


Our online credit simulation formula gives you great transparency, all without commitment.

Secure data

We guarantee the security and confidentiality of your data. Tell us about your plans without fear.

Home service

If you wish, we can move to your home at no extra charge!

No application fees

The good news is that we don’t charge any application fees. Our services are completely free!